Rainbow Valley Bengals
Our goal at Rainbow Valley Bengals has been to place
healthy and highly socialized cats into their forever homes.
Moving forward, our stud and queens have been fixed and
some will be available for forever homes. Our
Number one priority is the happiness and health of our
cats.  We appreciate all the love and joy these amazing cats
and their kittens have provided to us.  We are always
available for questions and support for the fabulous pet
parents of our lines.  
We strive to improve the Bengal breed - by utilizing the
most current genetic information, the most up-to-date
pedigree data and the most current feline medical and
socializing data in order to produce a superior line of
healthy, socialized, well-mannered Bengal cats.  We keep
our litters small and infrequent so as to maintain the health
of our breeding females.
Placing these cats in the healthy environment of a loving
and knowledgeable home is key. Our Bengals are offered
only as loving forever pets not for show or breeding and
require a spay/neuter contract at purchase.  We have been
in business since 2005 and have many repeat customers.

The available F2's will be the final from Rainbow Valley
Bengals as we move our cats towards a happy retired and
pampered life.

Please feel free to email me anytime!

Email us at Rainbowvalleybengals@yahoo.com
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The final two F2
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